This One's From The Heart

If you’re going to have a heart attack, make sure it’s in Shaftesbury.

Well it certainly gave a dull Sunday night a bit of a wake-up call. But the ensuing events after I called 111 made it almost worth it.

I was telling my daughter Phoebe that I was getting burning pains on my walks and she said I should phone 111 if they happened again.I assumed it was something to do with my lungs, so with this quite prolonged and nasty bout returning, I phoned, and after they checked my symptoms I was surprised to hear they were sending an ambulance! 

Twenty minutes later the most incredible couple of women invaded the flat. Naomi and Tyra.

They were like a standup double act and I was their stooge. I was plugged in to an ECG machine like a massive boom box, Naomi talking and Tyra typing stuff… Phoebe phoned, a bit concerned, I told her the situation and she asked me if I was having a heart attack, before I could say anything Naomi said, “Yes, he’s having a heart attack.” That told us.

“But he’ll be fine, we’re taking him to Bournemouth.”

Then the unforgettable drive to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital- Naomi at the wheel, Tyra sitting with me and asking me how the pain levels were, then laughing with Naomi who was putting the ambulance (and the siren) through its paces as we hurtled towards the sea. Then coasting into the forecourt of the hospital. They were expecting me.
I was ushered through to the theatre, and witnessed this crack team insert a tube into my heart from a hole in my wrist! I was constantly kept up to speed on what was happening. When I was being wheeled out with a new widened artery, Naomi and Tyra were still there.
They could have knocked off but they wanted to watch the op.
It was a heart attack I know, but probably one of the best evenings of my entire life. 

What an unforgettable pair.

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