Peoplescapes. Everybody has a story.


Piazza del Popolo
87 X 45 cm

I started making these prints years ago as a project that celebrated notable landmarks, where the locations became the backdrop to the people wandering around in the foreground.

Occasionally I produce images that are commissioned from scratch. They’ll consist of, say, a favourite family holiday destination; friends and memories, pets and ancestors. I’ll be sent jpegs scanned from dusty albums and cut them out, colour them up, and instead of being buried in a dark dresser drawer,  I’ll place them lovingly in a distant dreamland where they’ll have the time of their lives once more, and forever.

Sometimes somebody will want to be included as part of a an existing print;  to take their place amongst the original inhabitants, which is what they would have been doing anyway. Sara, a friend, has given me permission to show how it’s done.  They do make striking images; and since they’re personal, they are strictly one-offs.

I’ll be happy to quote on a price for a print with friends and family, pets and heroes.

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