I have never worked with an artist who can turn ideas into images as effectively, ingeniously, and often beautifully, as Johnny Bull.

- Tariq Goddard, publisher, Repeater Books

Johnny Bull is a genius. His is art that makes you pause, makes you think, sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes leaves a heavy weight of wistfulness. Always inventive, always evolving, his creative zeal is stunning.

- James Holland, author and historian, Chalke Valley History Festival

Studio head

My clients might think I have a studio full of inspired, creative staff waiting eagerly for me to drop the next project on their desk. “This should be up your street” I’d say. “A nice bit of calligraphy for this, perhaps, and you should  make a cool logo for it…” (They would all be much younger than me, of course, and all more brainy and creative).   But they don’t think anything of the sort; they’ve seen my studio and its one chair. And its desk with its one iMac.
I’m a phrenology chart with a cranium that has a map upon which of all my employees’ skills are  painted  in a  stern Victorian font.

So, I produce prints that you can buy in my shop; they are all different in style, but if there is a thread that connects them, then it’s to make everything as good as my well-staffed brain can manage,

I have also exhibited in art galleries; shown at  the Royal Academy and have been involved with interior designers who have put the peoplescapes on their clients’ walls. 

I love music, especially American Jazz, and I still reel from the pleasure bomb of American art in the early 60s. I remember at my first ever college interview being asked who I liked as a graphic designer – I said Saul Bass. I think he was the only designer I knew from his film credits. He dealt in humour and irony, which was a well-used marketing tool in those days, but now has all but been replaced by the soppy algorithms that treat us like phone-gazing sheep. Anyway, that’s enough of me.

And my team.

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I’m always here; either at my desk or at home, scribbling happily on my iPad, trying to think of something interesting to stick on Instagram…

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