The End Of The world

17th October 1973.
Dingwalls in Camden Town with John Bonis and Bob Bowkett.
I've been in my first job for almost a year; the work was mostly music related; Island Records being the hippest client (Bob, whose head I seem to be carrying in this bag) worked a lot with Roxy Music. John was probably the most inspired graphic designer I ever knew and a year later worked with Eno on the design of his Obcure label.
I was still learning my trade with these two masters, but was quite good at smoking and drinking by the looks of things.
Here we are enjoying a Kilburns gig; one of my favourite bands at the time, being this group of friends and contemporaries, mostly from the fine art department at Canterbury.
Nick Kent, the NME writer, had celebrated them in an article written earlier that year, where he described them at the 100 Club as looking as out of place as a hamburger in a medicine cabinet.
That night England were knocked out of the World Cup by Poland, and as John and I were walking towards the tube the next morning, we were trying to imagine the punny Sun headline that we'd see in the newsagent's window. John's guess was ENGLAND POLEAXED! Mine was IRON CURTAINS FOR ENGLAND!
As we now all remember the actual headline was the punless THE END OF THE WORLD which makes you wonder what that those sub editors will think of when it really does all come to a stop.

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