Repeater Books

Jacket Required:
Repeater Books.
Trying not to repeat myself.




Regeneration Songs:
Sounds of Investment and Loss from East London


I used musical notation and guitar chord diagrams to represent the skyline on the Thames.

"Regeneration Songs is about how places are turned into simple stories for packaged investment opportunities, how people living in those places relate to those stories, and how music and art can render those stories in many different ways."


How Mindfulness became the new capitalist spirituality
Ronald E Purser
The author, Ron Purser, had the idea which I drew up on Illustrator after finding a great picture on the Adobe Stock library and filtered through Photoshop.


Red Set: A History of Gang of Four
Jim Dooley
Blending revelations from interviews with the band conducted by the author with snippets from newspaper articles and record reviews, Jim Dooley tells the history of Gang of Four as they remember it. From their days at art school through countless tours, records and reunions, Red Set is the definitive history of one of Britain’s greatest and most influential bands.

Eliane Glaser
A complicated montage of Mount Rushmore being beheaded with The Parthenon and the palace of Westminster being dragged aloft by a  hot-air balloon of public opinion. Another colourful job for me and Photoshop.


Michael Amherst
Go The Way Your Blood Beats
"Part essay, part memoir, part love letter, Go the Way Your Blood Beats asks us to see desire and sexuality as analogous with art – a mysterious, creative force.”

Mark Fisher
The Weird And The Eerie
I made the cover out of an imaginary acrylic  painting, which seemed to suit the title, and retouched slightly in Photoshop.
I subsequently called it A
 Fisher Moon.


Leslie-Ann Browne
Decolonial Daughter
A pen nib drawn in negative space amidst some Caribbean foliage made this an unusually delicate Repeater cover.


Dead Precedents
Roy Christopher
The author liked the simple red background and the speakers-as-skyline, but the route to simplicity was full of complicated and closely examined scenery.

Mark Fisher
The much-missed Mark Fisher and the weighty anthology he deserved, with a cover of cosmic splendour and gold-embossed type. My approach was much more wood-cutty and earnest until Tariq Goddard, the publisher, gave me the star map.

Max Reinhardt Ed.
Maurice El Médioni. From Oran To Marseilles: A Memoir
I think I had one black and white photo to work from, but sometimes less is more, but never too much.

Max Reinhardt presents Radio 3s brilliant Late Junction, and if you know the show, you won’t be surprised to find that Maurice and the music he plays is well within his catalogue of joys. 

John Medhurst
No Less Than Mystic:

A History of Lenin and the Russian Revolution for a 21st-Century Left

Nature and Necessity
Tariq Goddard

It’s a tray-bake from hell; a gruesome and appalling  bunch of characters roaming the pages, coming to no good. Wonderful stuff. There’s a novel-length party scene which is like reading Hunter S Thompson  on the very special English gift of perfect rudeness . It’s a huge, electrifying book.
I got the cover idea from Mat Osman, electrifying bassist mate of Tariq’s.


Alex Adams
How To Justify Torture
I’d just been reading about the pointlessness of it and I wasn’t surprised at Trump’s statement that ‘torture works’ and would be signing an executive order revising rules of detention. Imagine Trump being water boarded: “Whaddya wanna know? Yes of course I had no bone spurs!” And afterwards: “I was being tortured. I was telling them what they wanted to know.”

Which is why it doesn’t work.

The Worst Is Yet To Come
Peter Fleming
I’d started a painting of  a motley crew of, well, I only knew they were inspired by a film of Alexei German called Hard To Be A God, which is an incredible feast of filth set on another planet where the Renaissance hasn’t materialised… You get the picture. The painting is called Feeding The Sea God In Dirt Bay. A jolly day out by the water for inhabitants of this brutal and toxic landscape.

The Adventures of Owen Hatherley In A Post-Soviet Space
Owen Hatherley
“Daffodils for Wordsworth. Deprivation for Larkin. A trashed tower block surrounded by a toxic landscape pocked with rust-pitted Ladas in a forgotten oblast 2,000 miles from Moscow for Hatherley.”

This is worth getting for the Jonathan Meades quote alone.