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Petits Machins (Miles Davis)


An open edition signed print.

These are supposed to resemble notebook covers. The text is all filched from my notebooks, appointments, colour specs etc. I loved Basquiat’s early Warhol collaborations. But what did Andy think when he saw a nice logo he’d drawn covered in hip street language?  “Er, very nice…you’ve actually drawn over everything… But. That’s. Fine.”  They look nice as T-shirts as well. What’s the point of wearing a T-shirt everybody understands?

Petits Machins (Little stuff) is a track recorded by Miles in 1968 for the album Filles de Kilimanjaro; his last record made with the classic 60s quintet.  Before he went to record In A Silent Way the next year, marking a transition to electronic jazz which would occupy him in his constant search for innovation and refinement. It was a decade after the timeless Kind Of Blue. Time to move on. The stuff of legend.

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