Degenerate Superhero 12

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Harmonious Mobility Strategist

An open edition signed print.

I made some drawings on the ipad based on a show called Fake Or Fortune, which concerned itself in authenticating some Henry Moore sketches from the early 30s. In its wide-ranging quest for validation, the daughter of Henry Moore was interviewed sitting surrounded by some beautiful Polynesian sculptures. They were fantastic creations and obviously an inspiration to someone who felt the need to get out of the straitjacket of acceptable art. Moore’s work was deemed ‘degenerate’ by the Nazis, and the drawings featured in the show were deemed authentic. I thought the mysterious creations in his house would have passed the degenerate test. My versions all celebrate in their joyful way, jobs that have only a mythical value in today’s world of half-baked terminology.
They are celebrations of  unreality.






No 12. Certificated.

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