P+O Giant Postcards

Some examples of the pictures I made in 2007 for the cruise liner, Ventura.

This was a fantastic project. Tom called me in August 2006 wanting some colourful artwork for a staircase in the new P+O flagship, 'Ventura'.

We met up with Jeff at his studio in Richmond and at first, the technology, although quite simple, I found slightly overwhelming. How could I produce massive postcards? I loved the idea, but the scale of it I found a bit terrifying.

I say a bit. Actually quite a lot.

Then I went to Bilbao from Portsmouth, so I could photograph the Frank Gehry Guggenheim and start experimenting with colours and gradient maps on Photoshop.

I was already working this software to the bone, so I wasn't a stranger to the layers and the masks etc
I bought a new Mac so everything was up to date.

It was Tom's idea to use me; he'd seen some of my Peoplescapes before, and once I'd come back with a Nikon full of pictures, the fun started.

I took off to Italy in January and took hundreds of pictures of places and their people in Rome, Trieste, Naples (where my pizza was stolen - whilst I was eating it). Then to Istanbul, Efes and then to Spain for some pictures of Barcelona and the Alhambra in Granada.

I realised I was having the time of my life. The more images I was producing , the better I was able to visualise what any location would look like after being blitzed by colour back in the studio.

The lenticular effect was quite subtle. A boy juggling in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome; a fisherman casting in a bright blue Bosphorus.

I think I finished in July. Tom was pleased and when I went to visit the ship on the unveiling, I thought, "Did I do that?" but Jeff Robb was fully in control of the miraculous lenticular business!