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28th April 2019

I’ve been making disturbing and oddly satisfying pictures of heads on Photoshop. I was going to call them portraits, but they are a tad too distorted to be confused with anyone living, at least I hope so. Fun to do, weird to look at. Then I took this fascination over on to the iPad and used a drawing programme called Procreate to try and achieve more distorted faces with the added bonus of nonsense captions.

I love doing these; I import notes and appointments from old notebooks ( I remember Brian Eno talking about his old notebooks back in the 70s. I immediately felt an envious twinge. He said he was going to make films of them because they were interesting. So, a bit late in the day, I’m hard on his heels.)

The big picture is called the Olympic Whistle (Phone Leo). It looks good as a T-shirt, obeying Leon Russell’s first law of printed chestwear that they should make no sense at all. I sell these esoteric garments on Zazzle. They’re a bit pricey but worth every penny. The model is wearing a T-shirt called Byshhe Bash which celebrates an event by the mighty Blacktooth Productions celebrating the colourful history of Fitzrovia. Wear it with pride.

They have a look of old notebook covers, at least that’s the idea.