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Lockdown acrylic 5

2nd September 2020

A Day In The Life.
2020 Acrylic  50x50cm

Walking home for an afternoon break in 1967. Working a holiday job as a waiter at Spencer’s Hotel. Brutally lousy pay and virtually no tips for 99 hour week.

This was the moment I finally heard the track on Sgt Pepper that everyone had heard apart from me. It was coming from a black Triumph TR3 parked outside Westfield Park, a Victorian hotel now changed into flats. I stood by this car as the song unraveled and I looked at the dashboard at a metal plate which said that the car had taken part in the 1959 Le Mans 24 hour race.

Looking up at the gate, at the stag that was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1857, I wondered if there really was the body of a girl who’d been thrown from her horse contained there. But I only just realised the inscription (not yet painted) underneath, Qui Si Sana, means “Here one heals.”