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Degenerate Superheroes

1st November 2018


“What do you do exactly?” 

“I’m not really sure. I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

Click here to see them all: DEGENERATE MENU

They’re all for sale in the shop but I’ve put them all on a quick at-a-glance guide. Here you can come face-to-face with the Hate Tweet Officer and say hello to Spontaneity Assessor. Not literally, they’ll be too busy to talk in real life.

Partly inspired by David Graeber’s excellent Bullshit Jobs: A Theory and partly by the beautiful artefacts that I spotted in Henry Moore’s old house as the camera panned round the room where his daughter was being interviewed on Fake Or Fortune earlier this year.

Video shows a kick-ass reception area.

I started doodling on my iPad while watching the programme which discussed the work Moore had submitted to a gallery in Germany just before the Nazis swept to power and all pieces of real or ‘degenerate’ art to oblivion. Or so they thought. A dictator, if not obsessed with images of himself, will only countenance representational, heroic imagery that history will consign to the dustbin along with the people who sanctioned it. Or so we hope.

I’m looking forward to the Oceania show at the Royal Academy. Un-heroic and purely beautiful artefacts fromTahiti in Polynesia to the scattered islands and archipelagoes of Micronesia and Melanesia. The christian missionaries felt obliged to get rid of what they found and replace with another icon of their own, but enough survives to indicate a strong decorative history of a celebration of artistic and trading skills and most of all, life.

Which as we know has no place in any modern dictatorship.