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Dandy In The Undergrowth

16th October 2018

He’s called Uncle Bertie In The Jungle (In His Dreams) and featured quite prominently in a documentary about the Royal Academy in the summer. There’s Kirsty Walk choosing her teddy bears in a glass case, and who’s this next to it?

It’s this dapper little fantasist in his Victorian smoking hat and glasses I nicked from Doctor Crippen. Here’s Grayson, right arm gesticulating at the abundant goodies on show in Gallery 4:

and where does his arm obligingly lead us?  That’s right, the quietly manipulative Bertram beaming rays of influence like a needy Derren Brown towards the unsuspecting camera crew.


Anyway, he did well and got his red dot on the first preview night. He’s gone to a good home and he’s available for a few more adoptions as a limited edition print.

See him in the shop.